Why Nexus

Why Nexus?

Nexus will help you to succeed with technology. We’ll help you navigate the minefield of choices. We will help you to get the fundamentals right. We will help you to use technology as a competitive advantage. And we will be on the spot if you ever need a problem resolved.

We are technologists. We listen carefully to your challenges and apply our knowledge and experience to design a commercially realistic solution. Then we help you implement that solution properly, and stand by you to support it in the years ahead. We work for clients of all sizes and types. Our smallest client is a play-write. We keep his laptop in pristine condition so that he can focus on his scripts. Our biggest client is one of the world’s largest media companies. We are assisting them deal with seismic changes in their industry by developing cutting-edge production automation systems. In the accompanying pages are dozens of case studies highlighting different aspects our work. The common thread is success. All of our clients are very successful, mostly leaders, in their respective fields. They know what they want and they know how to seek value.

Our value is knowledge.There are very few companies that invest so much time in training and development–not just in the technologies that we specialise in, but in commerce, project management and organisational development. Our culture of knowledge keeps our clients at the leading edge.

The word Nexus comes from latin and means ‘to bind’. We chose this name to symbolise our commitment to relationships. We do not want customers, we want clients. We want enduring relationships based on trust and good value. For us, our client’s success is our success. Our greatest thrill is when a client has won new business, returned a good profit, or survived a serious threat, and that one of our solutions has been instrumental to this outcome.

We take our commitment to clients seriously. Since we opened our doors in 1997, we have never walked away from a problem, never said ‘this is too hard’, never said ‘oh, but if you read your contract …’ That is not our style. If we take on a client, we look after them superbly. Far better than most people have come to expect from the IT industry.

We know our attitude won’t make us the biggest IT company in the world, but it might make us the most sought after.