Quick thoughts week 2 August 2014

I sort of promised myself more frequent updates on the cool plans and outstanding outcomes that the team here is generating, in the Nexus-bloggy-thing, but we have got caught up in that wonderful loop where doing things is more important than writing about them.   For anyone interested, here are some thoughts:

  • Best new vendor – Splunk.   Splunk is a terrible name for a call it of software, which ‘listens’ to your devices, by ingesting log files and other data streams, and then allows some amazing dashboard-y goodness, with an almost-simple query language generating some great visualisations.  I know that’s not a great explanation – Splunk is one of those tools whose use case can vary wildly from IT operations, analytic, sharing data visually, compliance, reporting … the list is too long.  Watch this space as we do some clever stuff with existing clients and publish some case studies on that in upcoming months.
  • Interesting Vendor – Pernix Data – Puts flash to work in a smart low cost way to rev up your IOPs in many VMware environments.
  • We has a long debate about why NFS (a network communication protocol) whould or should not be used in hyper visor deployments.  A key is that MS Exchange is not supported on NFS.
  • The Nexus Yammer Portal is up and running with genuine collaborative conversations as well as intra-office silliness.
  • Our friends Jake and Moheb got snapped at an industry thing.

Also this article on why Google + is way better at preventing trolls than, say, Facebook.

Sean Murphy

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